El uso de la lengua española en nombres de establecimientos comerciales de Boa Vista-RR


  • Kaene Keitiane Singh do Nascimento
  • Sandra Milena Palomino Ortiz


Immigration, Trade, Designation, Border


The territorial border “is the crystallization in the territory of a legal, physical and symbolic limit of action of a social project hegemonized by the Nation-State” (CATAIA, 2011, p. 19). However, the border of Boa Vista RR can be considered a zone of between-place of these languages, being Spanish and Portuguese. With the economic crisis experienced in Venezuela, many foreigners immigrate to Brazil, but specifically to the state of Roraima, in search of a new start in life. To escape unemployment, many immigrants organized themselves as Individual Micro-entrepreneurs (MEI), where when opening a local business, they use Spanish names in their commercial establishments. Thus, the interest was aroused in searching for written materialities with the use of Spanish in the designations in establishments in the city of Boa Vista RR, where we found several names of businesses in Spanish language. With this data collection, an informal and virtual dialogue was conducted with some owners where the reason for the designation created for their business was questioned. Subsequently, through a semantic-enunciative analysis, which is added to the theoretical understanding of the Semantics of the Event, the objective was to analyze the enunciative functioning of the selected designations with the use of Spanish. Through this analysis, it was found that linguistic practices on the border do not occur only in orality due to Venezuelan immigration, but also become a way of affirming their identity in the Roraima society.

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Keitiane Singh do Nascimento, K., & Milena Palomino Ortiz, S. (2023). El uso de la lengua española en nombres de establecimientos comerciales de Boa Vista-RR. TRAVESSIA - Revista Do Migrante, 1(97). Recuperado de https://revistatravessia.com.br/travessia/article/view/1162